A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry

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In the 1960s segregation and discrimination is still relevant to the citizens of the United States. The citizens make an implication that those who are African American think that society only responds positively to the actions of the White Americans. This leads to African Americans conforming and giving society what they want by changing their style of speech and appearance, this is called cultural assimilation. In Act II, Scene I of A Raisin in the Sun, Lorraine Hansberry interprets the concept of cultural assimilation with the actions of George as he arrives and unintentionally interrupts Beneatha and Walter’s “African” performance. This scene signifies the struggle between trying to assimilate into white culture and keeping the African heritage alive which shows the segregation not just between African Americans and Caucasians but also between African Americans.
During this time period being an African American means that you did not compare to the White Americans which also means that African Americans are not accepted by society. In order to fix this issue blacks begin to alter themselves to fit in with what society considers acceptable. In Act II, Scene I of A Raisin in the Sun Walter and Beneatha are dancing to an African song which soon gets interrupted by George. After the interruption Beneatha reveals that she has cut her hair and it sparks an argument between the two. Beneatha calls George an “assimilationist” He responds with a nasty tone and ends his
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