A Randomized Clinical Trial Experiment On Active Duty Military Personnel

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Patricia A. Resick et al. (May 4, 2015) conducted a randomized clinical trial experiment on Active Duty Military personnel. By Group Cognitive Processing Therapy compared with Group Present- Centered Therapy for PTSD. To see if active military personal improve stress symptoms with group therapy and if focus treatment is more effective on the PCT. The results stated that the experiments had a large effect in the PTSD reducing stress and in focus treatment (CPT-PC) it had a higher/greater effect. This is important because PTSD is a severe problem in the military force in which this experiment got rid of the stress that military people in Fort Hood were feeling like when active military personal were returning from deployment in Iraq or Afghanistan.
In the experiment the participants were active military personnel who suffered from some sort of stress which were chosen randomly for PTSD. In which the people chosen was 100 men and 8 women that were returning from deployment of Iraq and Afghanistan. All candidates were active duty, activated reservists, or activated National Guard members, age 18 or older, who spoke and read English. (Resick et al. May 4, 2015 pg.3)
This study was approved by institutional boards that are mostly health science centers. In which the participants signed a contract on the experiment and did an assessment about what they were going to accomplish. Also, they needed to be in captivated in the group therapy for the stress studies. However, inclusion-…
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