A Rare And Complex Anatomic Variation Artery

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Background: [ ].
A rare and complex anatomic variation artery of single origin which arise from posterior cerebral artery that supply blood to thalamus and midbrain first described by Gerard Percheron[1 ]. Unpredictable and inconstant clinical presentation is noted in a rare case in a stroke patient which involve artery of Percheron. Artery of Percheron arises from posterior cerebral artery that supplies paramedian areas involving upper mid brain and thalamus. These particular structures of brain are associated with regulation of alertness, consciousness and sleep. Occlusion of this artery represents variable symptoms which mimics to inflammation, infection or malignant feature remains puzzle to clinician [2].Studies found that Artery of Percheron (AOP) infarction involves around 0.1% to 0.3% of all ischaemic stroke where 22%-35% associated with thalamic infarction [ 3]. Thalamic stroke which involve artery of Percheron has four distinctive character of ischaemia. Their study suggested bilateral thalamic infarction with or without midbrain involvement is not uncommon. Variable mental alertness with confusion and coma is invariably common appearance but some studies found complete recovery following involvement of artery of Percheron [ 4 ].

Case presentation:
We have seen 70 years old, right handed, independently mobile gentleman who woke up at 06:45hrs and went into en suite bathroom. Suddenly wife heard a thud who found him collapsed & disoriented appeared he
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