A Rationale of the Outline Scheme of Work for Key Stage 3

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A rationale of the outline scheme of work for Key Stage 3

Planning is a key part of teaching. Without a coherent plan lessons may lack structure and direction. Long and medium term planning are an important part of this and in this rationale I hope to demonstrate that my planning does indeed have all of these qualities.
The first element to be considered when rationalising this scheme of work is whether or not it meets the needs of Key Stage 3 pupils. I believe that it does because the attainment focus is all within Key Stage 3. However, this is only the very simplest level by which we can measure this criterion. Firstly, we can also measure it by matching the scheme of work to the programme of study. If we look at this we can see
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So for example, in the topic about the good life pupils will study Buddhist monks and nuns. In this way I think the scheme of work as greater coherence and pupils will be able to see clear reasons for study topics.
At this point I think it would be a good idea to return to some of the philosophy behind the scheme of work. Mainly it is thematic in approach. This is where religions are sub-divided into categories and taught like this. For example, festivals, or Holy Books may be used as themes to teach across the religions. One strength of the thematic approach is that it points to similarities between religions and I think that this is where most value in RE comes from. However, these similarities are often far too superficial and can even be slightly arbitrary . For example, some schools may teach ‘spring festivals’ when the similarities between these festivals are not the time of year at which they are held but something far more consequential. If this approach could move past this problem it would be far more useful. Of course, we must remember that, once again this is only how the approach is used rather than the approach itself that causes the problem. I have tried to avoid this problem in my scheme of work by choosing topics that point to deeper similarities such as the idea of duty or the good life. Another problem that I have tried to avoid is confusing pupils with lots of

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