A Reaction: Mga Munting Tinig

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MGA MUNTING TINIG "At every step, the child should be allowed to meet real experiences in life; the thorns should never be plucked from his roses" -Ellen Key, Swedish reformer and educationalist The realities that besiege Philippine society nowadays greatly affect Filipinos, men, women, young and old. Children are at high risk of suffering the enormous effects of poverty, illiteracy, poor health and insurgency to name a few, effects which could corrupt their hearts and minds, and rob them of their "childhood" and future. At a young age, children do not have the grasp of understanding the realities that surround them; they become victims of circumstance, deprived of the opportunity to "grow", live a…show more content…
The teaching profession is a noble profession as many people would say. Indeed, it is not an easy job to do. Self-less service, commitment, passion, and love for teaching and the students as well are the things, which I think, one need to possess to enjoy and live a life of a teacher. As to the aspect of family, the movie presented a typical household environment in the barangays, basically big families, not well-educated, shattered houses, acute poverty, hard labor, and children working in the farms with the parents. This state of rural families undermines the importance of providing children a nurturing family and an environment needed for the good psychological development and well-being of children. It is quite understandable, that children in the film, given the household environment they have as determined by their social and economic status and the community where they live, have adverse effects on their development as a person and member of their families and community. This is a sad fact among our fellow Filipinos, there is the utmost willingness on their part to have a better life, yet life seems to be cruel, opportunities of development are almost unheard and unreachable in rural areas. "Mga Munting Tinig" is a film that presents not just the lives and struggles of children and families suffering in silence out there in the localities, it presents the

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