A Reading About Precious Jones Essay

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Reading About Precious Jones This book was probably the most brutal reading I’ve ever read. However, I found it incredibly eye-opening and excruciatingly honest about what life can be like for girls in impoverished and uneducated situations. Sapphire’s writing makes her character, Precious, seem real by incorporating her feelings, questions, and by writing in altered English grammar to make it seem as if her feelings are being spoken. I really enjoyed reading this book as it brought life and sensitivity to the statistics I’ve been reading about in my nursing clinicals and classes this semester. Blunt Truth or Exaggeration? There are children in this world who experience great trauma and neglect. The truth about this abuse is often hidden or ignored just like the children who experience such abuse. I personally have a friend who was mentally and sexually abused by her father for as long as she could remember until the day she moved out. Her mother was abused as well and ignored the abuse that was done to her two daughters. If such great trauma could be conceived in a white, middle-class family that regularly attended church in Western Michigan, the combination of abuse that Precious experienced is certainly conceivable in an impoverished place like Harlem where mortality rates are six times greater for adults aged 25-34 years than their white counterparts nationwide (Geronimus, Bound & Colen, 2011). I think children do get starved of a good education, nutrition, and safety

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