A Reading Of Myself By Walt Whitman

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A reading of “Song of Myself” “Song of myself” is one of Walt Whitman’s excellent poetry of the Leaves of Grass. Referring to the word “myself” from title, it is presumable that the poem is talking about Whitman himself. Moreover, in this poem, he uses several times the word “you”. To some extents, “you” can be referred to his beloved readers. This poem is like a conversation between the speaker and the readers. He tells the readers about his passion to the world and asks us to find him. In addition, to other degrees, “you” also can be regarded as American people. In the poem, he addresses his passion to his nation, to American people. He wants them to read his poem and it will bring them benefits. Overall, this is a poem to praise Whitman himself, to set free his human passion and to address his beloved readers. In the first stanza, Whitman tells us that he sees a hawk “accuses” and “complains” him. His response is to feel immensely humbled as he sees elements of himself in the hawk. In particular, the comparison between himself and the hawk is based on the elemental power within it and the fact that his voice is "untranslatable" and described as a "barbaric yawp”, which leaves us with an echo in the air. He uses similes to make himself be a hawk, to show his confidence and unruly voice. He is under no restraint whatever. Then, he started to say goodbye. The day seems to wait for him to get ready to move on and it leads
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