A Reading Of Paulo Coelhos Adultery

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Linda, What is on Your Mind? A Reading of Paulo Coelhos Adultery (2014) Abstract: This research work aims to discuss why Linda, the protagonist of Paulo Coelhos novel Adultery, commits adultery despite having a loving husband, growing up kids, prestigious job, money and fame. The objective of this paper is to psychoanalyse Linda in the contexts of Freud, Jung, Foucault, Angha and Brooks. This article shows why Linda goes through depression, becomes neurotic, yearns for passion, and transcends the dimensions of time and space to find her own sense of joy. Keywords: depression, neurotic, passion, transcends, joy. Linda, What is on Your Mind? A Reading of Paulo Coelhos Adultery (2014) Paulo…show more content…
Before Linda interviews Jacob, she is more passionate about her career. She earns more name and fame in her journalistic career and regards herself as Freud says often extraordinarily self-willed” (298) having more “intellectual gifts above the average (298). After meeting Jacob, we find Linda attempting to let go of her repressed emotions (13) or loneliness by having an adulterous relationship with Jacob. They become emotional towards each other when they meet for the very first time at Jacobs office where Linda conducts Jacobs interview. They become physically intimate after their interview session is…show more content…
(458). Linda becomes so paranoid that she vows to cause harm to Jacob’s wife Marianna. She has lost her sanity. She does not want to keep any rival for sharing her love with him. Linda calls Jacob at his work but he ignores Linda. Feeling insulted, Linda aims to put an end to her troublesome life of a lack of passion and adventure (105) by pitilessly destroying Jacobs wife, Marianne, an assistant professor of philosophy boasting of two essays published in the respected journal Les Rencontres. Freud says, lusts which we think of as remote from human nature show themselves strong enough to provoke dreams (175) and she wishes for revenge and Mariannas death (Freud 175). She even fantasises about killing her own husband. Linda’s main reason for taking revenge is to seek Jacobs love and attention. She finds a bit of Frankenstein in
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