A Realistic Approach to Regional Security in Israel

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Abstract Israel has complex security concerns that include both Palestinian and Syrian concerns. The roots of the problem are complex and vast. To deal with these, this essay, therefore, focused on the prime challenges, as well as obstacles to resolving them. This essay then propounded a list of five policies that can be grafted in order to endeavor to craft a solution in each of these areas. It is recommended too that America actively involve herself since, by so doing, America is simultaneously working towards ameliorating her own terrorist concerns. The essay is only a rough draft for security in the area. It needs to be worked on, and more needs to be done in order to ensure a lasting peace. Outline A "Realistic" Approach to Regional Security in Israel Why the USA should care 2. Substantive Issues to be Resolved 2.1 Israel-Palestine a. Territory b. Security c. Jerusalem d. Refugees 2.2. Israel-Syria a. Territory b. Water c. Security d. Iran-Lebanon-Hamas. Obstacles to successful negotiations Mutual distrust Weak governments and disunity in Israel West Bank-Gaza/Fatah-Hamas split. External negative influence Three Key Objectives Five Proposed Policies Conclusion: Addressing Israel's security challenges. Israeli Security Concerns Introduction A "Realistic" Approach to Regional Security in Israel Restoring security to the Land of Israel (not that it ever had) is an issue that is so complex, and partisan, complicated as it is with

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