A Recent Study Conducted By Forrester Consulting

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A recent study conducted by Forrester Consulting revealed that 64 percent of marketers believe that they need better data for prospecting, and 67 percent agreed that customer acquisition is more challenging than retention.

Companies recognize that acquiring a new customer can cost thousands of dollars. Therefore, to optimize their marketing spend, businesses are searching for answers within analytics to drive their customer acquisition strategies.

Data helps teams create broader and deeper customer insights. We can now intentionally track a prospect’s purchase history, product usage patterns, and social media behavior.

Understanding your customers’ needs and desires, opens new doors to personalizing brand messages and adjusting product strategy. Taking action with data-driven approaches leads to a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

To reach and influence your target audience, you must observe their behavior online and offline. Let’s learn how this data can enhance your marketing efforts.

Unlock the Value of Analytics
During the customer acquisition stage, we want to identify trends and patterns of behavior that indicate prospect responsiveness. Companies tend to focus on customer segmentation and campaign performance measurement. However, while employees strive to create “better campaigns” on the front end, various missteps occur on the back end.

Existing organizational policies can interfere with your customers’ digital experiences. We can’t work in silos…
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