A Red Girl's Reasoning And The Jailing Of Cecelia Capture Analysis

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In A Red Girl’s Reasoning and The Jailing of Cecelia Capture, female Native American characters married to non-natives subsequently have dysfunctional marriages. In both narratives, participants in the marriage entered with false assumptions, leading to misery for the couples. Charlie, in A Red Girl’s Reasoning, married without fully understanding marriage, marrying Christine mainly for her uniqueness and beauty. The marriage then collapses when Charlie displays his ignorance for her culture. In the Jailing of Cecelia Capture, Cecelia however does not fully comprehend her marriage. She attempted to marry what her husband represents, without coming to understand the individual. Her misconceptions are compounded with her husband’s racist and…show more content…
This exemplifies Charlie’s immaturity in his views of marriage and his inability to appreciate Christine more than a dog. Charlie’s misconstrued idea of marriage leads him to never fully appreciate Christine or her culture, leading to the eventual termination of their marriage. He views the uniqueness of Native American culture as interesting and entertaining, failing to understand the people or culture. This idea is evident at an event when Christine informs partygoers of her parent’s native marriage. This announcement leads to shock and outrage. The guests are unable to respect the difference in customs and try to understand the beauty behind the Native American tradition. Charlie, though, becomes extremely angry by this with his face described as “white as ashes, with something in his eyes she had never seen before.” Later Charlie reveals the tremendous embarrassment her family’s tradition has caused him. “How could you do it, how could you do it, Christine, without shame either for yourself or for me, let alone your parents?” Charlie is unable to comprehend how her cultures traditions are not something in which she takes embarrassment, but pride. Again, instead of appreciating the beauty of her culture’s traditions and thereby coming to further appreciate his wife, Charlie cannot accept the differences in their cultures. This idea was the catalyst for the collapse of their marriage. After experiencing Charlie’s rage,

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