A Red Line

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Redlining is a red line that are drawn on maps to designate neighborhoods too risky for loans; regardless of their credit says. White flight is when the white people would moved out of their neighborhood because blacks were moving in their suburbs which causes riots. Many of the realtors would not do businesses with blacks and many would have to pay a fee for it. FHA and VA made programs for the banks to follow making sure they don 't change or mixed racially neighborhoods. The FHA and VA only insured certain areas of neighborhoods. They also drew up restrictive sales barriers to nonwhites before the applied for FHA-insured financing. Political party machines helped the poor and new immigrants by help creating a safe environment for their culture to hang out like bars, parks, and special events to enjoy. They also do great gesture to the immigrants and expect favors in return like campaign events at their bar or hotel. Two examples, Judd and Swanstorm present to bust this myths were the machines were selfish. They did not support any one that get in the way of immigrants’ votes. They did not like reform even if it helps the working class. Another one was the Progressive era where there was a generation of reforms that helped improve the immigrants life form and work. They end up supporting both the working class immigrants and middle-class voters. Urban Renewal helped the cities come out of unsafe and unsanitary conditions that had thousands working immigrants packed
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