A Refleble Essay : Life Is ItT Fair?

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“But that’s not fair!” screamed my little brother Owen as the last of the 3 day old birthday cake was being distributed. Olivia glared at Owen and my other sister Sabrina kicked him under the table. My father raised his voice, “If there is any complaining, I will eat the cake myself!” As usual my dad had been trying to split the pieces of cake exactly equally, and his typical response to our squabbling was, “Life is not fair kids!” This is a daily occurrence in my house of six. Every day someone is upset that something isn’t equal. Every morning there is a fight about who is taking longest in the bathroom, who had more chores, I hear this a lot, “Mom and Dad love Sabrina more and its not fair!” Being the oldest, all I can do is sit back and agree with Bill Watterson who said, “I know the world isn't fair, but why isn't it ever unfair in my favor?” Splitting the cake into four exactly equal pieces made me think about what fair actually means and if being fair is a such good thing. “Fair may not mean equal.” In parenting “Fair means doing what each child needs at the time” states the Washington Post. As a society we get fair and equal mixed up, by trying to be too fair we set our children up for disappointment and failure in life once they find out that life is not fair. Trying to be too fair creates a life myth that everything in life should be fair, but in reality its not. Fairness allows for entitlement and encourages the expectation that children will get what they

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