A Reflection Of Human Thoughts Expressed Through Dreams

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Literature is a reflection of human desires, imaginations and fears. Sigmund Freud said that psychoanalysis is the investigation of human thoughts expressed through dreams. Freud’s theories consist of interpretations of dreams, how human nature consists of patterns set in our minds, and how sexuality had a radical effect on art, specifically, literature. Tucker Max once said that, “The point of psychoanalysis is to really understand the roots of your behavior. Understand why you are doing the things you 're doing - and connect your unconscious to your conscious.” In the story, Peter Pan, J.M Barrie explicitly expresses how a person’s innermost desires and fears are mirrored through their dreams and actions. This was shown through the…show more content…
Secondly, Peter’s hatred for parents was explained through, "I thought like you that my mother would always keep the window open for me, so I stayed away for moons and moons and moons, and then flew back; but the window was barred, for mother had forgotten all about me, and there was another little boy sleeping in my bed." The readers see here that Peter did go back just to see that he had been replaced and forgotten. In the story, the author said that Neverland reflected Peter’s emotions, when he came back from London, everything in Neverland felt so happy again and when he was fighting hook, the weather felt so heavy. Maybe, that is why the people from Neverland forget the family they left behind, so then they won’t be the only ones who remembers their family when their family already moved on. Due to this experience, Peter became more aggressive towards adults and that is why he keeps on killing the Captain of the Pirates, Hook and the ones before him. Similarly, why he was lashing out on Wendy’s mom when she suggested that he stay with them. All of his anger and uncertainty came from him wanting to come home and found out that his family forgotten about him. Lastly, Peter tries to convince himself that everything that the adults stand for is complete and utter nonsense. “But of course, he cared very much; and he was
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