A Reflection Of My Personal Writing Style In My Writing

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This Writing 2010 class has been very informative and interesting. I learned a lot about my own writing style and how I can work to improve it. My writing style has developed throughout this semester and has taken it’s time. From my first essay in this class, Synthesis 1, to my latest, Contribution Paper, I have grown and developed new techniques and methods into my writings.
One useful technique was how to construct a well developed strong thesis. In my first synthesis paper, I struggled to come up with a strong thesis that showed the two article’s views on social media. I was able to put together a pretty weak thesis statement for my paper which was “Social media has become more than just something that we use for fun, for some it has become a part of their lifestyle and everyday living.” I would say that this is a weak thesis statement for the reason that it does not effectively show my standpoint in comparing the two articles, which was the reason of the assignment. Later in the semester, after some practice and being taught about thesis statements, I was able to improve upon my thesis statement skills. By the end of the semester, for my final essay, I was able to compose a well written thesis statement which effectively argued my claims.
Another strategy that I have learned through this class is the process of revision. I struggled with this aspect because I often wouldn’t leave enough time between writing my paper and turning it in, to be honest. I now realize how important and necessary this part of the writing process is because it is so easy to make simple mistakes and to miss them by doing a few read throughs after finishing. After revising my Synthesis 1 paper, I noticed much it helps turn a paper from thoughts put down on a paper, into a well written essay. I wish I would have taken this step in the process more seriously throughout the semester, and even in past classes. I also want to add that I looked to the internet for help revising my paper and I was not disappointed. One website helped me recognize that I often repeat some words and needed to use a better diction. It also showed me how often I started sentences with the same word or used the same style.
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