A Reflection On A Beautiful Volunteer Experience

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A Beautiful Volunteer Experience As Neugarten mentioned in her paper, the fact that older people have lived longer than younger people allowed them to accumulate a greater amount of experiences. I can say that I have really enjoyed my volunteer experience with ten older people. Every time that I have a meeting with them, I learned new things. They are all full of energy and ideas. On Sunday, between 10:00-12:00, we read the newspaper and debate about what is going on in the country and around the world. They are like me very interested about the next coming USA’s president election. We have different opinions among our group. Seven people are Democrats, and four are Republicans. However, the…show more content…
For example, when I compared two persons that I worked with in my volunteer hours, I can find big differences between them. Bernice and Elizabeth were born in the same year. However, Elizabeth shows a decline in cognitive abilities; whereas, Bernice has a great memory that she can describe many important events about her life. Elizabeth cannot even remember the day she got married or the day she moved to North Carolina. Bernice has a great level of education and Elizabeth only completed her high school. Bernice has a high SES and Elizabeth a lower SES. Bernice is always smiling and loves to share her experiences with the rest of the group; whereas, Elizabeth does not really enjoyed talking about her life. Maybe, she feels frustrated every time she cannot remember an important event in her life. Mc Adams and Mclean mentioned in their paper that human beings are naturally storytellers. People construct and share stories about themselves; however, they enjoy more detailing specific events and times in their lives that have been meaningful to them. Neugarten, emphasized in her paper that environment is the best predictor of good outcomes and brain’s integrity as we aging. From what I heard about Bernice’s life, she was raised by both parents and had a long and beautiful marriage; whereas, Elizabeth was raised by a single mother and had a husband with alcohol problems. Nyberg et al. explained in their paper that individual’s differences in brain’s
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