A Reflection On Bad Blood

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Bad Blood
Have you ever been wrong? Have you ever pushed aside the opinions of everyone who matters in your life when they were screaming the opposite of your feelings and gone with your gut feeling? Maybe you have. Maybe it was something as small as a place you picked for dinner that accidentally gave your entire family food poisoning. Maybe it was a friend. Maybe it was a significant person in your life. For me it was ever putting my trust in Seth MacFarlane, the creator of Family Guy, Ted, Cosmos and many other animated programs on Fox, despite the fair warnings from everyone from my mentor to his assistants to my friends phone calls as there were actual fools. My friends forwarding me very subtle articles from Rolling Stones entitled “A Brief History in Hating Seth MacFarlane”. No one ever questions the benefits of positive emotions, especially in America, but nearly no one assumes that there could possibly be a negative side-effect of the sunny joyous feelings. Negative emotions are not only crucial to our existence but also—ironically—to feeling good. To live optimally in the real world and endure its numerous and endless challenges, it 's necessary to engage the full range of psychological states we 've inherited as humans. Overly positive emotions over the last year have left me emotionally hardened to trusting, yet somehow negative emotions have made me closer than ever to my mentor in wake of the betrayal of our once potential co-executive producer which has…
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