A Reflection On Capstone Nursing Practicum

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As N412L: Capstone Nursing Practicum comes to a close, I can reflect on my clinical experiences in this course and my progress towards meeting my defined behavioral objectives. At the beginning of this course, I set goals for myself, of which I planned to accomplish by the time this term came to a close. These objectives included: effective communication of the patient’s care summary in SBAR format, safe and efficient administration of intravenous medications, successful performance of tracheostomy care, and accurate physical assessment and patient monitoring. While I still have much to learn as I step into the role of a graduate nurse, I have accomplished my behavioral objectives for this semester. Description Throughout the second half of the semester, I have not made any significant changes to my pre-clinical routine. I still prepare and gather my supplies the evening beforehand, and I try to avoid during schoolwork in order to facilitate restful sleep. However, upon arriving to the unit, I have developed a familiarity with the staff and environment that has reduced my stress and anxiety levels, allowing me to focus more attention on my patient assignment for the day. Although we do not have assigned preceptors, I have developed a mentoring relationship with two of the nurses on the unit and will work with those staff members if available. As we have gotten to know and trust one another, we do not have to spend the first part of our shift familiarizing ourselves,

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