A Reflection On Classroom Management

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Reflective Essay
When the words “classroom management” arise, most people imagine how the teacher controls behavior in the classroom. However, classroom management encompasses a variety of areas that focus on creating strong, positive communities that support the holistic growth of the student. Although, I considered myself to have a few good techniques I used in my classroom, after five years of teaching, I would score myself as average. I have found my space on the type of teacher I desire to be, as well as the type of environment I want my classroom to have; yet, there is room for improvement and this course has given me a new perspective on classroom management that aids the student and teacher become better individuals. For the
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I understand the minor disruptions could add up and when left unattended students begin to lose the trust that the teacher is capable of providing a safe and comfortable learning environment.
Hence, there is a need to refine are my rules and expectations. At the beginning of the school year, time will be spent on class expectations. Students must understand the importance of the standards and guidelines in the classroom. As a class, we will discuss the characteristics of a “good” learning environment and what rules should be set in place in order to accomplish that atmosphere. I believe at the secondary level, democracy in the classroom is a chief factor in gaining student trust. Ultimately, the decisions and consequences of the class fall on the teacher, but adolescents yearn for autonomy and appreciate it when a teacher gives them a voice. Research on effective classroom management shows in order to prevent confusion or misunderstanding, the teacher’s expectations need to be explicit, discussed among the class, modeled by the teacher and adequately practiced by the students (Weinstein, Curran, & Tomlinson- Clarke, 2003).
Additionally, I will model the correct way students should carry themselves in the classroom and allow time for practice. In a setting such as high school, where students must commit to a number of
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