A Reflection On Clinical Interventions

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Clinical Interventions If every hurt we have has a dose of shame and distorts our view of who we are it makes sense that contradicting the internalized hurt would assist in undoing the messages that keep many people stuck. Most of these hurts run deep; I imagine that it would take years to undo a lot of this work. My peer counseling partner seemed to be impacted by her level of hope and her lack of belief that she can effectively control the course of her life. She is not unaware of the difficulties of breaking out of poverty. In addition, I am aware of the reality of how incredibly challenging it is to break the out of the class you were born into. With that said, it was difficult for me to challenge her on it. It may not ever get better. However, the first demonstration we did involved scanning. At this point, we focused on her class oppression, but I wish I would have thought to bring in more of her oppression related to her being Jewish. Despite that, the demonstration was insightful for both of us. It brought back stuff that she had forgotten about, and it gave me a clearer picture of what her oppression looks like. If nothing else, I created a safe space for her to talk about her struggles with classism. She was certainly seen and heard. She often feels like she can “pass”, so bringing her hurts into the open was a contradiction. She wasn’t hiding when she was with me. Throughout our time together there was a lot of countertransference in the room.
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