A Reflection On Clinical Placement

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Look Back Another day of my clinical placement 420 in orthopaedic unit began on July 4, 2015. I received my patient and started to research a patient history and medications. At 0700 a shift report started, I received information that my patient had fall at night shift without witnesses. By the policy of Providence Healthcare a patient who had fall without witnesses should be automatically monitored for head injury therefore, a Glasgow Coma Scale was initiated by previous nurse: every 15 minutes, then every hour, every two hours, and every 4 hours. This scale is to check and monitor level of consciousness which possibly may decline after head injury. At this day we had a student as a "nurse in charge", she volunteered to come with me to patient room and to supervise my work. For this particular patient close monitoring of vital signs and neurologic assessment required. I explained to the patient the purpose of frequent health assessment and started to work. Close patient monitoring in addition to all daily routine activities was challenging to me because I never had a patient with this diagnosis. Despite my explanation of the purpose of frequent assessments patient stated that "I am fine, do not feel any discomfort, there is no need for that". While assessing patient she keep asking a lot of questions such as why so many time why do I need to drink more than one mouthful of water with my tablets, what these tablets for, why do I need to wait few minutes after…
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