A Reflection On Indiana 's Sexual Assault Policies

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Penalized Victims: A Reflection on Indiana’s Sexual Assault Policies
During the last two years of my high school career, I accepted the responsibility of tutoring Abby , a young elementary student with ADHD. As I reflect now, I see that not only did I teach Abby, but Abby taught me. Not only did she increase my patience, but she solidified the idea in my head that social work was, in fact, my destined career path. Unfortunately, this solidification occurred while I watched her revictimization by the Nappanee Police Department, (NPD), who mishandled her molestation case. What follows is a synopsis of Indiana’s sexual assault policies, their weaknesses, and the distressing consequences of their shortcomings.
Towards the fall of her 5th-grade year, Abby interrupted our tutoring session with the urgency of needing to talk to me regarding something rather important. Generally speaking, Abby’s home life was not particularly ideal for her parents either fighting, working, or busy dealing with her older brother who often found himself in legal trouble. Based off previous knowledge, I did not believe it was anything out of the ordinary from what she had talked to me about before. In detail, Abby began to tell me how she had been molested at their church by an older boy who was at least five years older than her. With previous experience dealing with various friends who had molestation stories that they had confessed to me throughout my youth, I did my best to console her…
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