A Reflection On Labeling Mental Illness

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A Reflection on Labeling Mental Illness in Adolescence Over the past two months that I have spent enhancing my knowledge of mental health nursing with adolescence at the Youth Resource Center (YRC), I have encountered numerous learning opportunities that have allowed me to reflect both upon the profession of nursing as a whole, as well as my own future practice. As nursing students we are taught that the capacity to reflect critically is crucial to a nurse’s ability to grow as a practitioner and become a life-long learner. Somerville & Keeling (2004) define critical reflection as “the capacity to uncover our assumptions about ourselves, other people, and the workplace” (p.42). The Saskatchewan Registered Nurses’ Association (SRNA) mandates that registered nurses practicing in the province, under the Standards and Foundation Competencies, must “engage in critical inquiry to inform clinical decision-making and establish therapeutic, caring, and culturally safe relationships with clients and the health care team” (2013, p.15). To facilitate the ongoing maturation of my nursing abilities, I have chosen to critically reflect upon an experience at YRC when I felt that a youth’s identity had been wrongfully branded. What? It was a Wednesday; rounds day. All of the care team was gathered around the conference room table- nurses, teacher, education assistant, social worker, day program manager, and recreational therapist- waiting for the youth, “Becky”, to arrive
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