A Reflection On Learning Theories And Assessment Strategies

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In Nursing, to provide and maintain high quality care to our population, nurses are required to have a continuous development of knowledge and skills based on evolving knowledge based practice. Great part of this learning can be developed in clinical practice, under supervision, from a person with sufficient skills to facilitate learning. Therefore, as part of pre-registration nursing students development process, the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) (2008a) declares the requirement of a mentor for their clinical placements. The aim of this essay is to provide a critical reflection on learning theories and assessment strategies and how they were used to facilitate learning. The workplace setting was in an intensive care unit and the student used as a focus for this reflection was a second year student. This essay will be developed under the NMC Code of Practice (2015) to maintain privacy and confidentiality of the persons involved in this process.
The role of the mentor emerged as a result of evidence that student nurses were not being prepared with the essential skills required for nursing practice (DoH, 1999. UKCC (1999) cited by Gopee, 2015). Therefore, the development of the Project 2000 in 1989 emphasized the mentor role in develop and assess students learning needs in clinical environment (Vinales, 2015). In this order, it is fundamental that mentors achieve learning outcomes described under eight domains by the NMC in order to support learning and assessment in…
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