A Reflection On Learning Theories

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When I first started going to college to become a teacher I thought I would just be able to learn the curriculum, write a lesson plan and teach the kids. Simple right? I figured that how to teach was just common sense. I know now I was so wrong. There is so much more that goes into being a teacher. We need to be reflective teachers who are curious about children and how they play, how they learn language, about their temperaments, about their families and home lives. We need to take time to study work samples and figure out what is significant, document children’s conversations and activities, read literature and continue to learn and to understand child development as all of this ties into learning theories. I believe now that through being a more reflective teacher it has shaped my teaching strategy based on three different learning theories I will reflect on.
Behaviorism, constructivism, and cognitivism are relatively common theories used in classrooms as ways to approach student learning. Behaviorism focuses on observable behavior, such as being able to follow two step directions to complete a task. Characteristics of a classroom that uses behaviorism would be a reward system to inspire desired behaviors and decrease undesired behaviors. As I reflect on my classrooms that I go into we do use behaviorism theory. I think that this theory is used most for our students who struggle with behavioral delays. An example would be of a student who refuses to get his…
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