A Reflection On Methods And Materials

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A Reflection on Methods and Materials in TESOL Education
Methods and Materials in TESOL Education is the eighth course I have taken as American Military University graduate student. One of my primary motivations for the four years I serviced in the military was to earn a GI Bill scholarship to be able to afford to take graduate courses in order to earn a master’s degree in education with a concentration in English Language Learners. As an ESL instructor, prior to joining the military, I had arrived at a career plateau. My hopes before taking this course were high. My expectations were met, for the most part
I imagined I would learn how to teach English as a Second Language effectively with teaching materials which would be appropriate for this task. Regarding this course, which I am about to complete, American Public University System 's course catalog states, "Participants will reflect upon using proven assessment and instructional practices to enhance learning in today’s challenging classroom environments. Cases will be used to facilitate online discussions regarding beliefs, best practices, challenges, current research, and applications to individuals’ own teaching practice". When I reflect on some of the current research and best practices suggested in this course, I wonder if these all of these theories would be well received in every ESL classroom.
Some research and best practices, advanced throughout the course, seem to be in conflict with
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