A Reflection On Multicultural Learning Experience

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Multicultural Learning Experience All people are unique and come from diverse backgrounds. Throughout, this paper I will be examining some of my key identities as well as how these have impacted how I view the world and how this defines who I am today. I will do this by using the RESPECTFUL model which identifies the factors which define a person; consequently, all the ideas brought up will not only be mine but based on a more concrete understanding of humanity (Ivey, Ivey, & Zalaquett, 2014, pp. 18-19). Moreover, the purpose of this examination is to expand my understanding of myself while also identifying some biases or challenges I may face due to my background or upbringing. Above all, my desire is this examination will allow me to…show more content…
The only way I can change in a way that benefits my calling is if I know what areas in myself need to be changed. Therefore, this examination will be conducted by comparing myself to the key social work values and how I have or need to learn from them. Identity Religion and Spirituality The first letter in the RESPECTFUL model is R and it represents religion and spirituality (Ivey et al., 2014, p. 26). Although I do not consider myself religious, my faith and beliefs can be attributed to Christianity, a common religion throughout much of the world. These beliefs have had a profound impact on how I grew up and have shaped the person I am today as well as the person I am becoming. Consequently, my personal values and ideas are shaped by the teachings of Christianity. This is where I garnished my desire to help others and be a proponent for social wellbeing of all. Moreover, in the teachings I hold dear to my heart, I observe the value placed on each individual person and believe they are loved by the creator who desires the betterment of all, especially those who are marginalized or facing social injustice. It is also imperative for his followers to work towards this end. Nonetheless, there have been controversies throughout my life corresponding to my personal faith and my desire to help others and how I believe these two ideas relate to each other. Notably, when I was younger, I
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