A Reflection On My Divine Sign Essay

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Saddened and unsettled, I began to drift off into a troubled sleep. Whoa! Whoa! that kind of stuff was another memory to cherish. I was awake; I even walked to the kitchen and poured myself a glass of water and drink it. These experiences had to have a meaning, though they came to be vaguely and distant. I was convinced, that was one mystery, I’ll never be able to solve, but I was positive this moment was my divine sign. My most vivid experiences became unforgettable reflections of my preposterous mind. Where as my journey into the unknown had began to make some sense to me. That life goes beyond the limited boundaries of what we can see and know. Hallucinatory dreams? Maybe! I am convinced; there was a purpose and a perfect reason for everything. Perhaps the intention for me was, to transcend culture, age, and genres. These experiences, as odd as they may seem were nothing, but blessings in disguise. I had to accept my God’s given gifts, I need to let them evolve within my humanity and be at peace with myself. Still, grieving after many years, my time would come when my mission in this life was accomplished, and not before. When I find out what is my arcane quest in this world of lies and self-deception. Unknown voices and whispers guided me during these years in the form of—psychic trances—. In some cases my own restlessness takes me inside my deranged mind. I have so many doubts, because I can’t explain this simple truth with the gifted mind the world expects from me.
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