A Reflection On My Faith

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Question 1:

One has faith in one, in an individual person or a group. You can have faith in oneself, humanity as whole, or one’s god. Tilley refers to Faith as “the relationship between one and irreducible energizing source of meaning a center of value in one’s life.” Others may view that you can have faith in anything not just what Tilley stated like objects, media, and something else that many people state they have faith in is countries. Some may have faith in a “Christian America”, which Baxter explains is faith that we are under Jesus’s protection. (Class Notes, 6/6/17) Some Americans today have full-fledged faith in patriotism and the country itself.

I myself don’t necessarily know if I have full faith in everything, there are
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Anna Keating supported the Fertility Awareness Method, a natural method that teaches women to observe a track their cycle and ovulation instead of depending on birth control. Keating brings up the point that there are still approximately a million abortions per year and contraception costs are elevated and FAM is free. I agree with Keating about teaching women on cycles and ovulation, although we should be educating on every topic - no matter what I personally support I shouldn’t deprive others of the choice. Although Mary Eberstadt leans towards the idea of allowing contraceptives in the Catholic Church will then decrease abortions. In a pro-choice abortion view and also Sidney Callahan’s view, it is believed that “abortion rights are necessary for women’s development and social equality.” (Class Notes, 6/14/17)
Although, Naomi Wolf states that abortion does not fit a feministic choice and that it dehumanizes women, it takes away part of us and “defends its moral high ground by being simply faithful to truth - to women’s real-life experiences.” (Wolf) Within this there is a “a cycle of dehumanization back and forth between pro-choice and pro-life.” (Class Notes, 6/14/17) Wolf explains that pregnant women are frowned upon and receive “backlash” for having a reproductive system and that abortions dehumanize the fetus.

Not only should we educate women on their cycles,
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