A Reflection On My Future As A Nurse Essay

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All throughout scripture we are called to serve one another. Our job here on Earth is to be disciples of Christ, to spread the love of God become more like Jesus. I am excited to be a part of an academic community that is grounded on the Biblical requirements of justice, humility and love; a community that focuses its service, education, and commitment to Christ. I love that Trinity offers an education rooted in Scripture. I believe that God calls people to all different paths, and I believe nursing is my calling. I believe that these courses on how to live, serve, and be a nurse from a Biblical perspective will help prepare me for my future as a nurse. I hope to be challenged both academically and personally during my time here at Trinity. I hope to continue to become more diligent and persevering in my schooling. In my first few semesters at Moraine Valley Community College, I felt unmotivated, unsure of which path to follow. My early grades in college suffered for it. After taking some time off, I returned to school with a renewed sense of eagerness to learn. My grades improved as I had a set goal I was working towards. I know this is where I need to be, and that nursing is what I have been called to do. 2. Description of 2 personal characteristics that positively impact, and 2 that negatively impact abilities to provide high-quality patient care. I believe we each have something different to offer the nursing program. I have experience as a CNA both in home health
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