A Reflection On My Learning Experience

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The intention of this paper is to provide a critical reflection on my learning experience within the subject Designing, Implementing and Improving Processes. Changes do not happen all of a sudden. Therefore the reflective view of various activities within the subject is going to be discussed. These activities throughout the 12 week program include involvement in various discussion forums, group activities, specific assignments aimed on business process management, business performance attributes and metrics, benchmarking and purpose of lean production. Furthermore, this reflection will provide an overview of the approach highlighting that it does not matter what type of activity is required to do because the most
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O 'Neill (2012) argues that the change is closely linked with persuasion. The posts available in the discussion forum supported my view of persuasion as an ability to sell the product or ideas. Almost all posts discussed the importance of understanding the audience and their perspective of an effective communication resulting in mutual agreement. Throughout the course I realised that mutual agreement is an inevitable part of planning, improving and implementing various business processes. Moreover in order to become a person with an excellent persuasive skills it is important to practice how to express my thoughts fast but efficiently. At this level I have started to change my perception about the meaning of work. The topics covered in class complemented by the first assignment and posts in the forum have opened a completely new horizon of my perception of business processes and their improvements. Even though the assignment was orientated towards the health environment, the purpose was to understand that no matter what process has to be redesigned, the important is to deliver an effectiveness which creates the base for satisfaction, performance and effective cost management. I have learned that improvement is driven by people, their skills and active participation. Therefore I realised that people are the process where all levels of human resources must be involved. Furthermore I have realised that the ICT plays an
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