A Reflection On My Life

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When I started to imagine myself in before starting this class, currently, and in five years as a symbol I had a few different ideas. I first thought more metaphorically, but then decided that it was clearer if I drew myself in actual life situations. In all three drawings, I included a door. This door separates the counseling room from the outside. In the first drawing, I am about to enter my first session with my client. I have my fingers in my mouth, which is a reoccurring nerves tick. I also have sweat running down my face and big eyes. Personally, I was scared to enter the session. I feared being filmed as well as messing up. I have a thought bubble above my head to represent what was going through my head. In that moment, my thoughts were jumbled. Every technique we had learned thus far in class I seemed to have forgotten. I was worrying about making a mistake and I could not think clearly. I was overwhelmed both physically and mentally. In the second picture, representing how I feel as a counselor now, I have made it past the intimal shock of never counseling before. I have walked through the door into and into the counseling room. I am still nervous, which I show by tapping my foot, but I have stopped sweating and being fearful. I have realized that making mistakes are inevitable and that they will help me become a stronger counselor. As stated by Ivey, Ivey, and Zalaquett, “It’s not the errors you make; its your ability to repair them and move on that counts”

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