A Reflection On My Life

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As I descend the stairs from the stage, trepidation saturates my body. During my performance, I retained my focus on Angelo 's table to observe Patsy dancing in her seat, while Angelo sat back with his arm stretched along the back of the sofa, wearing a smile on his lips as he watched me. But John, his angry glare remained on his bottle of beer most of the time. When he did glance my way, the fury that spewed forth from his penetrating glare was terrifying.
The crowd before me parts, allowing access for Patsy to block my path to the table. The wide smile spreading across her lips matches her wide eyes. “You were fantastic.”
I tuck my hair behind my ears and lower my gaze. “Thank you.”
“Can we dance?” she asks.
Without waiting for a
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Her face softens as a gentle curve dances along her lips. “Believe me, I understand. Do you have any idea how many people have questioned mine and John 's relationship? But if Angelo 's taken and you 're single, then why not go on a date with John?”
“How long have I known you and John for? A week?”
“I 've been working here for three months, almost on a daily basis, so I 've grown to know Angelo really well. Please understand, I need time to get to know John better before I can advance into anything other than friendship. But I can 't say I like what I see tonight.”
With tender hands, Patsy reaches for my shoulders. “Please don 't let tonight cloud your judgement. Call tonight 's behaviour a fluke, a one-off, and not the real John. In reality, he 's a real sweetheart.”
“Hey, Patsy,” John 's voice interrupts us.
Patsy 's hands retract from my shoulders as she turns to face him. Exuberant light emanates from her face, and I understand why people would question their devotion to each other. They do appear to be more than friends.
As I glance sideways towards John, I fold my arms across my chest and chew on my lip. The fury in his eyes has dissipated, though he refuses to glance my way. He hides his hands within his pockets. “I was feeling kind of lonely over there.”
She reaches out to grasp

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