A Reflection On My Spiritual Journey

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People all over the world have their particular belief about spirituality. Even within the same religion many have their own spiritual views. Some believe that going to church once a week will save them. Other’s views set a prayer cycle, though good, it may become redundant and lose meaning. But beside the point, it seems most people blame God and leave His side when He does not help them out in times of hardships. However, there are a small group of those who produce positive energy—more so when hard times come—and continue to believe. To me that is the key element of the matter—belief. My spiritual journey goes something like this. As far back as I can remember, I was blessed being raised in a loving Seventh-day Adventist home. I was taught to go to church every Saturday morning at nine am and know my Sabbath school lesson plan. Loving the Lord and praising Him was always been real clear to me and how crucial it was to worship the heavenly father. Growing up in the church and learning Christian values along with how to live my life glorifying God has made me realize how fortunate I truly am. I could not have asked for a better upbringing. The church that I attended was more conservative on the spectrum, which shaped my perspective of God and the church. I was told that whatever the world had to offer to the human race was not worthy and was temporary whereas what God had to offer was eternal. As I matured and became a teenager it began to be more and more challenging…
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