A Reflection On My Time With A Community 's Elementary School

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As a postulant of the Franciscan’s TOR, I am required to spend much time in a variety of different ministries. I intend to focus this reflection, especially on my time ministering to a local parish’s elementary school. Most of the ministry, I do at St. Michael’s takes place in the classroom, gymnasium, cafeteria, or blacktop. This especially occurs on Monday’s and Fridays. First I will describe what I do on those days. Then I will articulate two particular examples of ministry. Then I will discuss where my, and St Francis’, ministry meets. On Monday’s I have the privilege of ministering to first grade: which consist mostly in organizing previously graded papers. Then I move to the third grade classroom to assist with gym, eat lunch, and play during recess with the children. After recess with third grade I return to the gym to aid the sixth and seventh graders. Monday’s have concluded with a drug prevention and life skills course for sixth and seventh grade. Friday’s open with helping a student in fourth grade with math, spending a large portion of the day assisting third grade, reading to sixth graders, and aiding sixth graders with either science or another session of the drug prevention course. What has been most impactful in my life is the person to person ministry done with the children that attend the school. Two examples come to mind. The first occurred very early on in my time at St. Michaels. It seemed apparent that one child was very attentive to

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