A Reflection On My Writing

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Sayed Aasim Qadri

I wasn 't looking forward to taking English 4U despite the fact that I am a voracious reader and enjoy engaging in discussions surrounding novels that I have read or currently am reading, but conversely, I absolutely abhorred English due to my experiences in high school.
Back then, English was a long list of stylistic devices, poetry analysis, and monotonous written assignments. It seemed that we spent so much time learning how to write analytically that it consequently resulted in the loss of being able to write creatively.

I recall receiving feedback upon the submission of my first in-class essay and Mr. Warren telling me that my essay was ‘subpar’ and ‘required a lot of refining’ but the thing that
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My first essay for the CCT, titled “Alexithymia” is a deconstruction of my personality through the retelling of my struggle to articulately convey my emotions.
This was the first creative essay I had written for the course and upon reviewing the original submission of the piece, I knew there was a significant amount of refining needed to be done to ensure the piece was up to par.
The piece still remains the most raw form of writing I have been able to incorporate through the CCT sans the use of flashy, and intense literary devices.

My second essay for the CCT is the piece I struggled most with. Incorporating “Showing and Not Telling” into my writing seemed to be the most difficult aspect of the CCT as I had been so accustomed to the idea of “telling” all my stories rather than “showing” them. The first draft I submitted for this essay was titled “Is This Happiness” and it was the worst piece I had ever submitted for an assignment but going through the in class workshop on Showing and Not Telling consequently informed me about what I was doing wrong and how I could effectively incorporate both Showing and Telling into my creative pieces in order to make the ‘perfect

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