A Reflection On Public Transportation

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Reaction This whole experience was definitely out of my comfort zone. I went on the bus to get to the agency. This was an interesting experience for me because while I have been on a bus in Europe, and been on the metro in Europe and Los Angeles, I have never taken the public bus in my home area, Orange County. When I went to buy a buss pass, I honestly felt a little embarrassed asking for it. This experience was confusing for me on why I felt embarrassed buying the pass; people ride the bus all the time, so why was I embarrassed? As I reflected more on this, buying a bus pass in my mind was beneath me, and I did not like how I felt this way. Growing up in Orange County as well, the bus is used by many people, but public transportation is not taken as much advantage of as it is in most cities because everyone here has a car to drive to their destination. If you could not afford a car, then you take the bus. Not like in cities how one takes public transportation because it is easier to get around this way, but because this was their only way of transportation. As I went on the bus, I felt a little out of place. I was riding this bus for fun in a way, I did not need to take the bus to get somewhere, whereas I looked elsewhere I realized this is how people get to work or home on a daily basis. It was interesting how much longer it takes to get places as well. With stops and waiting for others, the trip does need to be planned around stops being taken. I think taking the bus
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