A Reflection On Renaissance Architecture

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“Not much was invented during Renaissance, if you don’t count Modern Civilisation”, O’ Rourke’s ironic quote reminds us the greatness of history run approximately between the XV and XVI century, and the importance of the innovations and changes that run through this period, which predicted and launched the Modernism.
With the term “Renaissance” (literally “Rebirth”) is stressed an extraordinary season for literature, art and philosophy, born in Italy.
Italian men of colture of Quattrocento where tied with a direct line towards the classical world, considering themselves the heirs of the ancient Roman patrimony; at the same time they regarded the Middle Age a period of barbarism and decadence. Hence Renaissance is also Classicism brought back to life within the revival of many of his models, revival concretised in a prodigious artistic and literary production.
This essay was born as a reflection on Renaissance architecture, the grandiose constructions and inventions of this period, and their influence, are here set aside, in order to give space to a deeper examination of the main causes, influences, and changes that generate the birth of the “great Italian Renaissance architect” and the “how” “——they are shown???——
In order to comprehend any historical phenomenon is necessary to contextualise it, therefore this reflection will start with stating the politic and economic asset of the peninsula at the beginning of the XV century. Following a brief consideration of why…
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