A Reflection On Society Of Ancient Greece

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For this report, I will write a reflection concerning society in ancient Greece. I will include information pertaining to the lives of those who lived in ancient Greece and what their daily lives consisted of. Social issues and political philosophy will also be discussed along with other material that is considered significant to ancient Greek society. This concludes my introduction.

When did Ancient Greece exactly flourish and how? The civilization known as Ancient Greece was a part of the history of Greece that took place from the Archaic period during the 8th until about the 6th centuries BCE up until what is known as the end of antiquity 600 CE. Shortly after the previous period, the early middle ages and the Byzantine era had begun. One period that flourished around this time was the Classical Greece period (5th to 4th centuries BCE). So what made the Classical Greece period significant? Classical Greece originated with the repelling of a Persian invasion led by Athenian leadership and rule. Due to conquests lead by Alexander the Great of Macedonia, Hellenistic civilization succeeded and flourished from the areas of Central Asia to the Western end of the Mediterranean Sea. To end this brief introduction paragraph of Ancient Greece, We will now answer the question of what is the significance and influence of Classical Greek culture? Classical Greek culture, including its philosophy, was a major and important influence on the Roman Empire,…
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