A Reflection On Spirituality Assessment Essay

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Introduction Spirituality is a very sensitive topic in any area of the world and when discussing it with a patient is such a vulnerable situation, it becomes even more delicate. It is a topic which can affect the outlook of the patient and how they will get through their condition. A spirituality assessment is important because spirituality is such a powerful thing which can help a person turn a terrible situation into something more bearable. It is vital for nurses to use this tool to help them because it goes beyond medications and intubation trays, it focuses on them as a person. A spirituality assessment is a tool which will help patients on critical care units get through there vulnerable moment in life. Implementation Plan When trying to implement my spirituality assessment in critical care, I would use Rogers’ change theory which has five different steps; awareness, interest, evaluation, trial, and adoption (Mitchell, 2013). Each of these steps are very important to the success of the spirituality assessment. During the awareness step it is important to identify the importance of the spirituality assessment on the critical care unit. I would explain how spirituality plays an important part in caring for a patient because of the impact it has on the decision they will make (Savel & Munro, 2014). I would try to make the stakeholders aware of the influence spirituality will have on the patients on critical care units. I would open their eyes to see the toll those
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