A Reflection On Suspended Above Lessons

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Suspended Above Lessons How could I have known that I would’ve learned so much that day? How could I have known that my whole world was going to change that day? Yet again if I just would’ve climbed down the same side of the tree, I wouldn’t be writing this right now. The sun was veiled by the perilous clouds looming over us, setting a somber look to the horizon. The icy air funneled through my throat and surged through my veins. A small group composed of my Mother, Father, Aunt, Grandma, Grandpa, and Sister trudged through the damp pasture. Me, being a tiny 40 pound five year old, wandered behind the bundled-up rosy cheeks. We found our way to a tree filled valley with our leather-skinned, rusty chainsaw wielding Grandpa Gary leads the…show more content…
That tree had been just another armored beast I had to slay. I found myself staring at the prickly, waxy needles of the weaved branches that were sheltering me. I took an elongated breath and stuck my tongue out as I grabbed a gnarled branch. I hoisted myself up the first limb and slithered through the winding sprigs. My moves were almost like clockwork, delicate and in rhythm with my breaths and my appendages. The uneven and disheveled wood was a great grip, but tore into my subtle fingers. My shoe’s soles couldn’t take the uneven surfaces and relied on my arms to do all the work. The offshoots got thinner as I proceeded up the tree, forcing me to be more skeptical of my movements. I began to worry about the drop below, but my worry faded away as I felt the warm touch of the sun wash over me. One more branch remained. I grasped that last branch and let out a deep breath. I relaxed a bit and examined my hands. They were raw. The adrenaline faded and I was left with skinned, throbbing hands and 50 feet to the ground. Somewhere down the hill, my dainty sister was struggling her way up the hill. I returned to my big sister mode and started my descent down the tree. This part was even harder than climbing up the tree with depending on my legs to support me. As the twigs got wider, the gaps between them increased too. Sometimes I had to extend my whole body length just to reach the next twig. This seemed weird because I didn’t remember straining myself
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