A Reflection On Teaching And Learning

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There are many activities that occur in education. Teaching and learning are showcased as being the two most important by Hoy and Hoy. These activities require an impressive skill set to execute successfully in the classroom arena. The purpose of everything that transpires in the name of education is for the sole purpose of student learning. I agree with their assertion that student differences impact the amount and rate at which students learn. Students have great differences in race, gender, learning styles, intelligence, and emotions. Hoy and Hoy’s view of improvement as being progressive and constant, was hard for me to wrap my head around in earlier years. Constructive criticism appeared to be a means to keep me suppressed and in check. Luckily, I learned the ignorance contained within my thinking. Things like professional development, observations, and PLC’s were meant to improve my skills as a teacher. Constant collaborative and reflective analysis helps correct imperfections and oversights as we strive for higher student achievement as the school-year rolls on. As Hoy and Hoy mention, these are obtainable through principals that communicate the clear vision of the school to all involved stakeholders. The correlation between positive influences and success is discussed as well. I know first-hand that having a vested interest in my school and students improve everyone involved. The ability of teachers to effectively motivate students plays a major role
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