A Reflection On Teaching Philosophy

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A teaching philosophy statement is a document that educators prepare to express their personal ideas regarding the teaching role. Often used as part of the application packet for an academic position and in teaching portfolios for tenure and promotion reviews, teaching philosophy statements allow educators to reflect on their teaching practices and validate their success in teaching. Teaching philosophies can guide academic nurse educators by ensuring that they are using varied pedagogies that stimulate critical thinking and that the education they provide meets nursing’s standards of practice (Felicilda-Reynaldo, Rhea Faye D., and Rose Utley, 2015)). As a nurse educator I want to make a positive connection with students to inspire them to provide excellent care and knowledge to their patients. I want them to realize the sky is the limit for nurses, where career ladders are tall in this profession, and how satisfying this career can be. The values I believe are important within my nurse educator practice include quality care, trust, autonomy, advocacy, accountability, knowledge, and inquiry. Inquiry is the process of seeking, developing, and applying knowledge. I believe students need to possess a sense of inquiry for learning to occur. Inquiry develops essential critical thinking and problem solving skills which are required for a successful nursing practice. Nurse educators should instruct and model the importance of ethical and legal professional accountability.
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