A Reflection On The Assessment Of Leadership And Collaboration

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Summative Analysis

Both of the educators I observed this semester presented great examples of each of the learning outcomes. The educators varied in styles of their practices, but both educators want to achieve the same goal with their students. Mr. Cornutt from Saks High School likes to practice open class discussions with his students and wants the students to feel comfortable explaining their personal observations in a public setting. Mrs. Morgan from White Plains High School practices more hands on teaching with her students to guide the students through their progress. The two educators use their personalities and styles of teaching to exemplify the learning outcomes I have learned this semester.

The first learning outcome is leadership and collaboration. The educators establish leadership by seeking leadership roles and other opportunities to take responsibility for student learning. Mr. Cornutt and Mrs. Morgan work with other educators in their school systems to make sure other educators are teaching the same information when covering similar topics. Both of the teachers will let their colleagues review some assessments to confer that the students are giving accurate statements and answers. Involvement with parents was also evident whether it was an email service or parent notes explaining the progress of the students. Collaboration with colleagues and having strong leadership in a classroom is imperative in education.

An effective
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