A Reflection On The Classroom

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Our lesson began with our scenario, “own a theme park and heard that you guys could help us create a waterslide. Our waterslide needs to be fast and fun, but also safe. People can’t get injured while sliding and must make it to the bottom of the pool.” Students were shown the video that gave them different examples of waterslides to help spark their personal connections and background knowledge. During the video students laughed and commented about the twists and turns. They were shown their materials and the constraints were explained to them. Such as they only had a certain amount of time, they only had so many materials, it needed to be safe, it needed to look like a slide, etc. The students were excited to get started and once they…show more content…
I ended the group discussion reminding students that as an engineer, asking the client what they want is essential. For example, none of the groups knew that our theme parks color scheme was orange and blue. We discussed what sort of changes we would make now that we’d done the lesson once, and finally I asked, “so, who wants to be an Engineer when they grow up?” A few students, grinning wildly, raised their hands. During the planning process, I observed different strengths students brought to the task. For example, while handing out the jobs, there were some students who clearly took charge. They grabbed hold of the Director’s job badge and looked up, asking if their group was okay with that. For the ones who didn’t end up in an argument, the Director then led the group in deciding who would get the other jobs. When one student heard that the Scribe would also be drawing a design, they gasped loudly and reached for that badge. Allowing the students to assess their own strengths and choose their own jobs gave them a chance to strive towards being responsible enough for their job. Also during the planning process, students learned how to work together, creating plans that meshed instead of their own individual plans. For the groups that were having a hard time working together, the time constraints seemed to be a factor that pushed them into cooperation

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