A Reflection On The Classroom Essay

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Part Two: Reflective Critiques Artifact A: Detailed drawing of the classroom The rational for the classroom is to build a collectivistic environment for learning. Students are positioned in 2 H’s and each of specific table is its own group. The rest of the classroom area is around the outside of the student desks. The classroom is also set up which allows all students to be visible to the teacher no matter where in the classroom. I believe the classroom set up is effective because of the community that is created in the different areas of the classroom. I also think that it is specifically important that all students visible no matter where they are at in the classroom. Knowing the high needs of the students and their background tendencies to hide when they get overwhelmed. The area of the first H- tables allows students who need to be in chairs to not have to move their chairs to the carpet. I believe that for this class I would not change because they foster a collectivistic learning environment, which supports student from diverse collectivistic backgrounds. They downside of being of this having this environment is when they must be in an independent testing environment. This desk set up aligns with my teaching style and personality because of the inclusive environment, which encourages collectivistic learning. I also think it is important personally to have an open space plan to know where all students are located in the classroom. I would however add a break space in

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