A Reflection On The Counseling Course Essay

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As a pleasantly stark contrast to the impersonal business building, Barbara’s office felt like stepping into a welcoming home, the décor was warm, inspirational and worldly and the seating was plush and comfortable. Ornate lamps softly illuminated the room and her genuine smile momentarily put my mind at ease. Immediately Barbara offered me some coffee, tea, or water and gestured to the couch. After openly admiring the exquisite art and unique trinkets, we discussed the purpose of the interview and I elaborated about the counseling course I was enrolled in at TCU. My nerves fluttered for a moment, as I gazed into her calm and natural existence, could I do this? She was such a natural presence, completely at ease in the moment, while I second guessed my career choice, fully aware of my anxiety issues. If my apprehension could strike me in such a soothing environment in the company of such a pleasant master of the counseling world, could I control these underlying tensions as a professional counselor with my future clients? I pushed these relevant insecurities momentarily away as it seemed I was the implied leader of the interview. First, I inquired about the numerous acronyms on her website and countless certifications, however, I had no desire to spend our limited time discussing such a minute aspect of her substantial career. Barbara obtained her masters degree in family and marriage counseling from Seminary Southwestern Baptist just a few years ago, which surprised me,
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