A Reflection On The Creed Of Freewill Essay

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The creed of freewill, which a large degree of mankind has immemorially upheld, is entirely false, according to my view; Kembleenian Determinism. My theory offers a bright outlook on the world, which is compatible with our moral intuitions, and extends our limited perspective of life and the world in which we dwell.
In the subsequent paragraphs, a dialectical inquiry is presented. The two interlocutors are me and my mentor, Mr. R, who holds a B.A. from Notre Dame University in PLS book studies, a MS. in School Psychology from Glassboro State College and an Ed.D (to say the least, he’s exceptionally bright). Mr. R is a proponent of free will and I, an abnegator of it. I hope this dialogue can help lead to a partial advancement of mankind and His limited knowledge of the world.
Greetings my dear friend. I wish to present my theory, Kembleenian Determinism, to you; for I believe it has withstood its confutations, and ineluctably gives rise to the notion that our actions and fates are as determined as the stars above. All that we do is not within our purview, but rather only within our view. We thus have no control over our own actions, leading me to the conclusion that the existence of free will is untenable and must be admonished.
Although I am sure you are currently convinced you are correct, I hope you keep your mind open long enough to realize you aren 't. Although, I guess I had no choice but to make that comment, according to your theory.
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