A Reflection On The Culture

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UMMA Reflection Entering this fieldtrip, I was almost unsure what to expect. Having gone to some art festivals after viewing images of the venues and artworks online, I knew that seeing these pieces in person would have a far greater impact than simply looking at it in a PowerPoint. However, after studying many similar images to the ones we were going to be looking at, I wasn’t sure if there would be as much to take in as there had been for those that I hadn’t studied. Fortunately, the impact of being right in front of all of these artworks was no less than ones I had never learned in depth about; in fact, it was possibly more exciting because being right with the art always uncovers more to examine and appreciate than an image, but it was also interesting to see different artworks of these countries and to be able to recognize styles of the various periods and cultures. As we started the tour, we visited the section of western art; this was interesting because it was style we hadn’t studied in a class. Having the knowledge of eastern art, we could analyze the self-portrait and “Esther before Ahasuerus” to see how it compares. There were certainly some ways that the west followed what Asian art was doing; in the western pieces we looked at, they had large focus on form, color, and composition to resemble reality. Although there were obvious differences in how presented their characters beyond form, as well as their brush work. It was interesting to see that western art

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