A Reflection On The Educational Action Plan Essay

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The educational action plan for such a drastic condition as given by the instructor needs an intensity as well as integrity in thinking for its solution. However, the situation needs proper judgment of it by comprehensively monitoring the situation and its severity. The scenario of a pessimistic school with a workforce that needs to be adopting an innovative perspective of viewing things is the absolute necessity of the situation. According to Fullan, the most critical problem that is ever faced by an educational institute is not the resistance to innovation. The critical problem of any educational institute is the overload, fragmentation and incoherence happened as a result of the uncritical and uncoordinated acceptance of too many innovative measures (Fullan,2001). According to Cotton, as a person with leadership qualities, I should develop an action plan that not only brings an absolute change in the educational policy of the institute but also the curriculum of the educational entity(Cotton, 2003). The problem in hand needs severe actions in order to fully address the situation. According to Elmore, education does not suffer as much from the inadequacy of supply of good programs as compare to the lack of demand for the efficient and effective good programs. Elmore has brought light to the lack of demand as the root cause of the major educational problem that is currently faced by the educational entities (Elmore,2000). I will follow the following fourteen step

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